Brian, Host, MYB Talk

Brian, Host, MYB Talk

Trying to figure out how to live a comfortable & enjoyable life overseas and pay for it! My new life’s living expenses may only be $1,200-$2,000 a month, but I’m too young for a pension and Dr. King’s I Got A Dream speech is about social security. Plus, I love working from home or my portable office.

Nick Usborne has a possible solution, which means it’s working for him and others. It can work for you and me. Nick’s book is titled, “New Path To Riches: How your neighbors are making a big second income by writing and publishing their own money-making websites.”

Here’s the deal. Nick claims we can make good coin without having to bother family and friends about our new product opportunity (MLM). Plus, according to Usborne you write about a topic(s) that interest you: hobbies, passion. Usborne’s first website is about coffee. He averages $4,000/month writing about coffee? Nick admits he’s no expert. He just has a love of coffee.

HOW DOES HE MAKE $$$S? Nick Usborne is my guest Saturday February 19, on MYB Talk. The show airs “Live” 9:00am-11:00am [EST], on The Power, XM Radio, Channel 169, and via the internet at www.xmradio.com

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